• Fees are to be paid per term in advance
  • We guarantee 8 lessons per term, although most terms have 9-10 lessons. The extra one or two lessons are courtesy of us. No lessons on Public Holidays.
  • We do not, under any circumstances, offer a casual rate.
  • We are happy to accept weekly payments by arrangements, however, if you do not attend a class, for any reason, payment is still due.
  • No discounts are given for missed lessons due to sickness (Including Covid) injury, pupils going on school outings, pupils going on holidays, change of mind or any other reason.
  • You, as a parent or student, are liable for payment until notice has been received that you are no longer attending that class, no exceptions.
  • All uniforms must be paid for at time of purchase.
  • Any special orders will require a deposit of $20 that will be deducted off the price. Should you decide not to proceed with the purchase of goods, the $20 will be forfeited to cover courier charges.
  • A $35 late payment fee will be added to all overdue accounts.
  • Private lessons that are not attended will be charged for unless you provide 24 hours notice of non-attendance.
  • No “make up” lessons are provided if you miss a lesson, should you require one, you will need to arrange and pay for a private lesson.
Code of conduct

At The Academy, we believe that dancing is a happy and fun activity. We do our best to keep a friendly, happy environment where students can learn and enjoy their lessons but in order to become a dancer some discipline is needed in and out of class and all students are expected to be polite and respectful to all around them.
Fee – Policy and Procedure
  1. Fees are strictly payable in advance, unless prior arrangement is made.
  2. Payment of fees can be made via the following methods:

    Internet banking (preferred)
    CashEftpos/Credit Card in our office.

    (Please note - there is a 2.5% surcharge for credit cards)
    Please ensure that your child’s name is used as a reference.
  3. Invoices will be emailed to all families.
  4. All statuary holidays are observed and fees have been calculated over the year. Where classes fall on public holidays, no make-up classes or refunds are given.
  5. Fees that remain unpaid will be put in the hands of a debt collector.
Fee – Policy and Procedure
  1. All students must be appropriately dressed for the class they are attending with correct uniform and footwear.
  2. All pupils must purchase the correct uniform by the end of term 1. Students must wear the correct uniform to all classes. Hair is to be neatly tied back and all ballet pupils have to have their hair in a bun.
  3. Any student not appropriately dressed or groomed will not be allowed into class due to health and safety regulations.
  4. Uniforms can be purchased in our office

    Monday 3.30 - 5.30
    Wednesday 4.00 - 5.15
    Friday 3.30 - 5.30

    and during our open day that the beginning of the year.
Newsletter & Notice Board – Policy and Procedure
  1. It is the parents and students responsibility to read the newsletters that are sent out via email to all families on our data base.
  2. It is the parents and students responsibility to check our notice board, we recommend on a weekly basis, to ensure that you are fully aware of all notices and newsletters.
  3. Prior to exams, the exam timetables will be up on our notice boards, it is the parent and students responsibility to know when they are to sit their exam.
Health, Safety, Injury & Medical Conditions – Policy and Procedure
  1. The Academy is not liable for personal injury sustained on our premises
  2. Should a child be injured at the studio, basic first aid will be administered to the injured person, if the parent is not on site, the school will endeavour to make contact, as soon as possible.
  3. Should your child have a medical condition, please ensure that you inform the teacher, making sure that they are aware of how this condition affects your child. Should your child need assistance, it would be most helpful to know how to help them, ie. Your child may be asthmatic. They have an inhaler in their bag.
Car Parking – Policy and Procedure
  1. Our studios have only four car parks. These are designated car parks and are for teachers only.
  2. Children can be dropped off using the no parking areas at the end of both studios. We ask that parents do not remain parked in these areas, even if they are in their cars, as this then stops other parents from being able to drop their children off.
  3. Should a parent wish to stay at the studio while their child/children are dancing, please park on Te O road, in one of the parking bays.
  4. For their safety, we ask that children do not play in the car parks and wait in the waiting rooms accordingly.
  5. Please ensure that you do not park in any of the businesses car parks, all car parks are assigned
Personal Property – Policy and Procedure
  1. The Academy is not liable for any loss or damage of personal property whilst on the premises.
  2. Please ensure that your uniform, including shoes are well named
  3. Any clothing left at the studio will be stored in our lost property basket in the changing area of Studio One. It is the children’s and/or parent’s responsibility to check the lost property if they have left an item of clothing behind.
  4. Items such as phones and digital devices, when found, will be placed in a lost property box in our office in Studio One.
Photography and Videoing of Students – Policy and Procedure
  1. Photographing and videoing of students in class and at concerts is not permitted.
  2. Please note that we do use photographs of our students on our Website and Facebook page. Please let us know if you do NOT wish your child’s image to be used on these platforms.
  3. Photos are also taken during our final dress rehearsal for our show at Baycourt

    We ask that Parents/caregivers respect the fact that Duncan uses his own lights and backdrop and therefore we can't allow you to take photos while he is busy or distract the children.
  4. We arrange for the show to be recorded and digital downloads are available to purchase.
Photography and Videoing of Students – Policy and Procedure
  1. Choreography for classes, performances and competitions remain the artistic and intellectual property of The Academy and/or syllabus providers
  2. Choreography must not be copied or used without prior permission of the The Academy
Use of Premises – Policy and Procedure
Unauthorised use of the premises will not be permitted. Students wishing to use the studio to practice will need to obtain prior permission. A small hireage fee will be charged to cover costs.
Observation – Policy and Procedure
  1. We ask that Parents/caregivers refrain from watching classes as this distracts the children and makes it harder for the teachers to do their job.
  2. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to watch classes during the last week of term, where seating will be provided, to observe the progress their child has made during the term.
Observation – Policy and Procedure
  1. Should you have any concerns or wish to discuss the student’s progress, please do not approach the teachers during or after class time.
  2. Please contact us via phone Ph 0220473316 (Miss Hannah)
    or email


    We will endeavour to get back to you in a timely manner